Jigging – The Sport Fishing Technique

Jigging – The Sport Fishing Technique

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Jigging – The Sport Fishing Technique

Jigging can be one of the most effective ways to catch the most amount – and the biggest – of fish. Whether you’re catching fish for sport or just spending the day out on the lake, jigging can be a fun way of testing your skills and ensuring you’re bringing something tasty home for dinner. 

Unlike traditional methods of luring fish horizontally, jigging, also known as the vertical method, uses a weight to reach areas below the surface, usually right to the bottom and then jerking and twitching (mimicking life) until one of the larger fishes takes the bite. 

Jigging requires strength and physical endurance in order to keep up with the movements. You also require a more flexible, shorter rod that can bend with your movement. A standard spinning rod will be too stiff and won’t allow you to properly jig your lure. There are many other techniques you can use when jigging, so be sure to do your research before you set out to protect yourself from failure.


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